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Has your company worked with software development teams that couldn’t get the job done? Have you paid them thousands of $$$ and ended up with a worthless piece of software that didn’t solve your problem? Unfortunately, this happens all too often in the software development industry. So-called “professional” software engineers promise the world and then under deliver.

Here at Business Smart Software LLC, we offer a no-risk software development solution. You will not spend or commit to a single penny until you have approved a finalized software product. If the software does not solve your problem or if you don’t like the solution we have provided for any reason, then you can walk away without ever paying a cent. That means you accept no risk. You’ll know the exact price for working software before you commit to anything.

Sound too good to be true? Not if you look at it from our point of view. First, we are very good at what we do. It is extremely unlikely that we will not be able to deliver on a project we have accepted. Second, the damage to our reputation is not worth making a few dollars providing you with a solution that does not solve your problem. Any organization is justified in being irritated when they’ve wasted thousands of dollars on software that doesn’t work. In the unlikely event that our product doesn’t meet your needs, we would much rather part ways with an apology and a handshake. The alternative, paying for software you can’t use, would leave a bitter taste in anyone’s mouth. We are looking to build value for businesses over the long term. In order to reach that goal, we are more than willing to accept the cost of developing a software application.


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In today’s world, businesses can utilize technology to gain a competitive advantage. The most significant barrier to achieving that advantage is communication. Software Design Experts need to understand the problem your business needs solved. At Business Smart Software LLC, we use the Agile Development Methodologies to ensure both effective communication and that your problem is solved by the solution we create.



Business Smart Software LLC offers a full range of software solutions to fit your needs. Whether you need an information-only website or a mission-critical, multi-tiered, cross-platform solution, we’ve got you covered.



Complete Website Soutions

From basic information-only websites to complex eCommerce websites, at Business Smart Software LLC, we can design, develop, and deploy a website that meets your needs.


Search Engine Optimization

We offer complete SEO services for local and organic search results. If your business is struggling to get listed on Google or if you don’t have an SEO strategy, we can help.

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Do you or your employees spend countless hours compiling reports?  Are your employees wasting time doing manual processes that can be automated?  Let us help!

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